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What is WanderArt…?

Transforming the ordinary urban into extraordinary art

WanderArt is a new street art project that aims to combine the seemingly paradoxical philosophies of permissible street art (where murals and the like are commissioned and subject matter chosen by the person paying for it), with your classic street art (where the artist chooses where and what is painted). WanderArt will encourage Dunsborough pedestrians to stop, look, and wonder at ordinary urban elements that have been transformed into amazing art.

The artworks:

  • will play with features of the urban environment, think lampposts, drains, downpipes, cracks in the wall, electrical mains boxes…anything!
  • can be at any scale – tiny or huge!
  • can be of any medium

WanderArt is a continuation of previous street art carried out through the DPA StArt project and the Hannay Lane mural that were painted over the last three years.

The DPA invites interested artists to submit Expressions of Interest where the artist provides detail on what they would like to paint and where, within the Dunsborough CBD, indicated within the red boundary on this WanderArt map. A panel will assess all submissions and select successful artists based on a number of criteria.

Please contact for more info, or download here the WanderArt EOI guidelines and EOI form. The deadline for submissions is 3rd December 2018, with all artwork to be completed by 1st March 2019 in time to celebrate the Dunsborough Arts Festival.


(First three images (cat image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

WanderArt is a DPA project supported by the City of Busselton and the Dunsborough/Yallingup Chamber of Commerce.