Community Interest

One of the DPA’s key objectives is the representation of the local community in matters of interest. This has included such topical issues as the rezoning of the buildings along the foreshore at the end of Dunn Bay Rd. and the creation of new local parks.

Volunteers building Djiljit Mia park

We are also proactive in making our local area as great as it can be. This includes honouring outstanding members of the community with Naturaliste Gratitude Awards at the annual Australia Day ceremony on the Dunsborough foreshore, and the recently installed Aboriginal flagpole installed next to the existing Australian flagpole, at the foreshore.

If there are local community matters of interest that you would like to discuss with the DPA, please contact us.

We will usually invite you to our next meeting to provide a short presentation, following which the committee discusses the matter and decides on an appropriate course of action.

Associated groups

Over time various groups have spun out of the DPA

One such group is the Dunsborough Historical Society. The group’s’ focus is to celebrate the history of the Dunsborough district.  Find out more…Dunsborough Historical Society

The DHS collects, collates and celebrates the history of the town and the region. Its goal is to preserve our history for future generations

Mayor & DHS president with gazettal plaque

Another group is Dunsborough 2030, a volunteer group fighting to protect Dunsborough from overdevelopment.

Area targeted for future development

Find out more..Dunsborough2030

The Dunsbororough Art Society is a neighbour, adjacent to the Dunsborough Hall. Their website is here.