Dugalup Centre…..

Tallest building south of Bunbury on the way

View from Dunn Bay Road at Cyriillean Way

The proposed Dugalup Centre will sit on two blocks between Coles shopping centre and the new brewery etc. on the old Peko-Peko block. It will be five storeys along Dunn Bay Road and six at the back, making it the tallest building south of the Bunbury Tower. The deadline for making submissions regarding the development was Friday, Dec 3, 2021. The city will submit its report to the JDAP by Dec 20, 2021 and it is expected the decison will be made in the first or second week of Jamuary.

It will have underground parking and parking on the next three floors with space for 174 cars with some on-road parking. There will be 42 apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. There will also be a restaurant, cafe, bottle shop, fish shop, supermarket and 13 offices. The total area is 16,800sqm with the largest area dedicated to parking at 6,700sqm and the apartments at 5,300 sqm.

View from Cryillean Way
Developoment compared to new brewery/restaurant on Peko site
Development compared to shopping centre

Development approval will be by the JDAP early in 2022. It is being developed by the owners of the Coles shopping centre, DCSC Pty Ltd, the company that tried to develop the Puma petrol station on the front lot. The company’s directors include Kylie Brierty, Peter De Chirea, Michael Edwardes, James Litis and Gary Zinnecker. The deadline for submissions to the JDAP was December 3. The JDAP presiding officer is also the planner for the development. It is assumed he will stand aside.

View from Dunn Bay Road

Apart from the convenience store entrance at corner of Cyrillean Way , the Dunn Bay Rd facing side will be glass windows looking into the store and the entrance to the apartments,

Dunsborough 2023 showing new developments planned and/or approved

The above map shows the new developments approved for the Peko Peko site and the new Woolworths, along with the proposed Dugulup Centre.

Dunn Bay Road with the two new developments
View from Cves Road