Dugalup Centre-making a submission

Dugalup Centre along Dunn Bay Road-new brewery on left-existing shopping centre on right

You had until Friday, Dec 3 to make your voice heard regarding the proposed six storey development on Dunn Bay Rd. (The city sometimes accepts late submissions, so it is worth a try) Go here for background information on the development from the City and at the bottom of the page click in the button “Complete Form”. You will then need to fill out the form. Once you complete the first page you will be given an opportunity to comment on the development. This will go to the city planners and they will incorporate this with their response and send it to the JDAP which will (probably in early January) hold a hearing and make a decision. Your input will be included in the agenda. You will also be invited to make a presentation at that meeting, but you are not required to.

Full scale of the development-looking towards Coles parking lot

Making your view known is useful and worth the effort. It will be helpful to show what proportion of respondents are for or against the development. But making a persausive argument is even more useful.

Under current zoning, 6 storeys is allowed in this area, but that doesn’t mean the building must be approved. It must meet other requirements. Specifically the proposed development must be consistent with the current and desired future scale and character of the area. What is your view on this? When the city introduced the new zoning in 2017 its view was that 4-5 storey buildings would be acceptable. No mention of six storeys.

View from Caves Road

And there is the issue of traffic. There will be 177 parking bays in the complex. What impact will this have on Cyrillean Way and the Coles parking lot? You will note most of the traffic statistics were from winter 2018. How useful is that?

It is quite possible, if you do the research, you will have other reasons why you find this development unacceptable as it stands. Maybe the impact on Dugalup Brook? Maybe what it will look like walking down Dunn Bay Road (all windows looking into their convenience store racks.) Please make a submission to the city and if you have any further suggestions feel free to pass them on below for our help. (But don’t forget to make the submission as well, as that is all that counts.)

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