“Planning for the future.”

Dunsborough2030 is a town planning sub-committee of the DPA. It consists of residents of Dunsbrough and the surrounding area who are committed to trying to make the town as good as it can be from a planning and design perspective.


Dunsborough as a special place


To help make Dunsborough the best it can be through good planning.


  1. To assist in the good planning of the future of Dunsborough and its surrounds;
  2. To consider all instruments, plans, policies and other documents relevant to the future and environment of Dunsborough;
  3. To investigate planning issues affecting Dunsborough as they arise from time to time;
  4. To liaise with the City of Busselton and its Council and officers in their consideration of the planning and future of Dunsborough;
  5. To make representations to the City of Busselton and other planning authorities on all such matters;
  6. To inform, initiate and encourage debate in the Dunsborough community regarding its future, environment and planning and to reflect back the community’s views to the city.

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