Seymour Blvd Apartments

View from corner Dunn Bay Rd and Seymour Terrace

Submissions are open until Friday, December 17 for comments on the proposed 6 storey apartment building at the corner of Seymour Blvd and Dunn Bay Road. More information and submission form are available here. Information is on the right side and click “Complete Form” at the bottom if the page to fill out your form. Once you say whether you support it or not you will be given space to comment

View from Dunn Bay Rd roundabout

The development consists of 25 apartments, a coffee shop and 38 car parking bays for residents. A previous 5 storey development was approved in 2019 for a combination of offices and cafe on the ground floor with parking on the first floor and apartments on the third, fourth and fifth floor.

View up Seymour Blvd approaching town

The area is zoned R-AC3 which was introduced in 2017 to allow mixed use buildings up to “4/5 storeys” Six storeys are now allowed, so long as it meets other criteria, such as fitting in with the current and future charater of the neighbourhood. The developer argues it will fit in with the future character of the area by displaying this graphic of the above view.

Dunsborough as anticipated by the developer

By being zoned for mixed use the developer is allowed higher density. It is questionable whether 25 apartments and a coffee shop actually meets the mixed use definition. The building fills the whole block (actually some of the balconys stretch out beyond the property line.) Consequently there appears to be no sidewalk along the Dunn Bay Rd corner and the bus stops are gone. Most of the ground floor consists of parking bays which means no street activation, one of the goals of the rezoning in 2017

View through Lions Park