From car park to our park

A new park opened in Dunsborough in mid June, 2021, the result of a collaboratiion between the DPA, the City of Busselton and the RAC. At the instigation of ex-councillor John McCallum and the DPA, the city, over the past few years, has been negotating with Telstra to convert its car park in the centre of town into a park. This came to fruition in June. The RAC provided a grant for the vegetation and RAC volunteers did most of the planting.


The corner park contains both native shrubs and exotic flowering deciduous trees-flowering pears, apples and cheeries, along with two different Crepe Myrtles. The goal was to have a quiet corner that will be in colour at least twice a year.

The RAC provided funding for the vegetation and mulch and over a dozen volunteers came down from Perth to do most of the planting.

Pre-work briefing
It’s a wrap!

Adam, Kale and Justin from the City did the coordination, managment and heavy lifting! Alison, Cliff, Jacquie, Jen and Tony from the DPA did the early morning planting.

DPA planting
Adam Tweedie “opening” the park

In late June two large birds took up residence in the park. They were created by artist Tony Pankiw and they were the City of Busselton Sculpture by the Bay Acquisitive Prize for 2021.