It’s official: DJILJIT MIA

On June 30, 2021, Landgate, the state’s land information authority recognized the name DJILJIT MIA as the offical title for the nature based play space adjacent to Hannay Lane.

According to Landgate, “Djiljit Mia means “Fish Home”. It highlights the cultural significance of the Dugulup Brook area to the Wadandi people and explains heritage, history and associations. It tells the story of the ancient fish traps in nearby Geographe Bay and ther gatherings and seasonal celebrations of the Traditional Owners.”

In June the City took over responsibility for managing DJILJIT MIA, after 12 months of community management, as planned.

Trish, Adam and Jacquie with award

In May Djiljit Mia Community Gathering Place won the 2021 W.A. Parks and Leisure award of excellence in two categories: Community Based Initiative of the Year and Best Regional/Rural Industry Contribution. National awards will be announced in September. Congratulations to Trish!

Site of the new park

Background: Construction began February 13, 2020 on Dunsborough’s unique and exciting park. Unique for a number of reasons-it was developed by the community-through the DPA and it is the only place in Dunsborough that will acknowledge People, Place and Country. This is in line with the wishes of local families. The park was opened in June, 2020

Djiljit Mia means fish home in the Wadandi language. The gathering place highlights the Aboriginal heritage, history, and associations of the Dugalup Brook area. It acknowledges the traditional fish traps, gatherings and seasonal celebrations of the traditional owners. It is on land adjacent to Dugalup Brook from Hannay Lane to Gifford Road.

Briefing for the volunteers

First Day
The first set of logs
Rocks and more rocks

The community worked together to create this gathering place, using repurposed and recycled materials throughout. It includes a performance area, natural amphitheatre seating, Aboriginal art and sculpture, all highlighting local Wadandi cultural features It also includes nature-based play features, designed around the fish trap theme. A place for all ages, locals and visitors. Work will also involve rehabilitation of the adjacent Dugalup Brook

The project relied upon community input and ownership. While partially funded through partnership with the City of Busselton and other community groups, it mostly was created through community contributions in the form of materials, equipment and labour.

End of Day One
Tamping in the “reeds”

Opening of the park, June 6, 2020