Djiljit Mia Park

Site of the new park

Construction began February 13 on Dunsborough’s new and unique park. Unique for a number of reasons-it is being developed by the community-through the DPA and it will be the only place in Dunsborugh that will acknowledge People, Place and Country. This is in line with the wishes of local families. It is expected to be completed by early April 2020

Djiljit Mia means fish home in the Wadandi language.. The gathering place will highlight the Aboriginal heritage, history, and associations of the Dugalup Brook area. It will acknowledge the traditional fish traps, gatherings and seasonal celebrations of the traditional owners. It will be on land adjacent to Dugalup Brook from Hannay Lane to Gifford Road.

Briefing for the volunteers

First Day
The first set of logs
Rocks and more rocks

The community is working together to create this gathering place, using repurposed and recycled materials throughout. It will include a performance area, natural amphitheatre seating, Aboriginal art and sculpture, all highlighting local Wadandi cultural features It will also include nature-based play features, designed around the fish trap theme. A place for all ages, locals and visitors. Work will also involve rehabilitation of the adjacent Dugalup Brook

Volunteers Needed: The park is being created by the community, which means we need lots of volunteers. Construction starts mid- February and is expected to continue to early April. Please click here to register your interest to help in this exciting project.

The project relies upon community input and ownership. While partially funded through partnership with the City of Busselton and other community groups, it mostly requires community contributions in the form of materials, equipment and labour.
Additional funds are required to create a community place we can all take pride in. Help your community to create something special in the heart of Dunsborough, a tribute to the past, for future generations. For further information on how you can help click here and make sure you check out the video.

End of Day One
Tamping in the “reeds”