WanderArt Phase 1 complete

Dunsborough recently got even brighter with the addition of three new artworks in the town centre. Phase One of the Dunsborough Progress Association’s WanderArt project is complete.

Lauren Wilhelm’s work on the Lions Park electrical box has an important conservation message about the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum. Thanks to GeoCatch for funding this artwork.

Andrew Frazer’s awesome polaroid camera on the Western Power electrical kiosk located on the corner of Dunn Bay Rd/Dunsborough Place reminds us how photoworthy our area is.

Anita Revel’s ‘Wings’ murals provide a beautiful interactive photo opportunity next to Occy’s in Lions Park.

Thanks to all of the artists for your amazing talent and contribution, the City of Busselton for funding the project and the DYCCI for their support also.

Phase Two coming soon…!

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